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Welcome to the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay

What a wonderful Holiday Thanksgiving Is!!!

By: judyniemeyer On November 28, 2017

I hope all of you enjoyed this magical four day week-end.  Thanksgiving is one of the holidays that I truly enjoy.  The main reason I enjoy, not only for the food and wonderful company, but that it always is on a Thursday.  Depending on your occupation, you can have a nice four day relaxation period.  Of course, if you own a store, you are in the heart of town–this is when the season begins.   Hard to believe but we have only 27 days to Christmas.  Please take time and enjoy your family and friends during this time of the year.

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Happy Halloween!! Fairhope is ready for the Holiday!!

By: judyniemeyer On October 27, 2017

Welcome to this special day of Halloween.  Yes, we are five days away but people are getting ready.  Knox McMurphy who was on duty at Ashurst Niemeyer dressed for the occasion.  She was appropriately dressed with her witches hat.  And tonight our little city of Fairhope, witches rode the streets on bicycles beginning at 5:30pm  raising money for a local animal rescue charity.  It was an Incredible turn out and great way to raise money.  Of course after the parade, witches ended up celebrating at one of our local pubs.  Enjoy this holiday but please be safe.

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What a Week!!!!

By: judyniemeyer On October 10, 2017

Last Monday, we were awaken with the horrible killings in Las Vegas.  So many innocent people were killed.  I know you are like me, my thoughts and prayers were with all of the families that had to wake up knowing their love one was gone. In the Mobile Press, pictures and facts about the men and woman that had died.  They were of all ages, some were mothers leaving innocent children and others too young to know life and others just enjoying life.   This was the beginning of the week.

Then on Saturday, our little town of Fairhope was visited by Hurricane Nate.  We were on the Eastern side of this Hurricane but it turned more west and our area was saved from a lot of destruction.  Unfortunately our bay front is littered by boards from piers and bulkheads.  Most of the piers are missing boards so accessibility is limited unless you have a kayak or are great swimmers.  The good news, piers are easy to rebuild but lives lost cannot.  Please take time to hug your family members and enjoy life.

Our crisis was so small compared to las Vegas but let’s have a good week and please keep safe.


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Southwood Kitchen–have you gone?

By: judyniemeyer On September 24, 2017

Just letting you know about a new restaurant in our town.  Southwood Kitchen replaces Rosie’s in Daphne, AL.   My husband and I had dinner recently and the service was superb.  Brennan was a great host.  I ordered the yellow fin tuna small plate and it was out of this world.  I look forward to returning.

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A Special Day at Bayside Academy

By: judyniemeyer On

Friday, September 15th, 2017, Bayside Academy honored their founders.  My husband, Carlton Niemeyer represented the board of trustees.  In the early 70’s , sixteen fathers went to a local banker and signed for a loan to purchase the Catholic Jesuit School located in Daphne, Alabama.  The first question that the banker asked the men, do you have any experience?  Of course, the answer was no.  The location was the key.  This school which is a landmark in Daphne is located on 900 front feet of Mobile Bay.  The grounds are breathtaking with majestic oaks and views of Mobile skylights.  How the campus has grown since the vision of these 16 individuals who signed on the dotted line.  Today, the campus has grown and now grades begin with a 4 year old program to 12th grade.  Thank you to all of these men for having this vision and going the extra mile.

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By: judyniemeyer On August 4, 2017

What a beautiful sunset last night on Mobile Bay.  We were sitting on our dock on Hwy. 1, just minutes from downtown Fairhope.  Yes, we are experiencing a lot of rain but thank goodness the sky cleared and what a treat.

Our real estate market has been extremely active this summer.  The stats are now out.  Our Baldwin county is the fastest growing county in the state of Alabama.  Of course, I am prejudiced–I think it is one of the prettiest, rolling hills to sandy beaches and of course beautiful Mobile Bay.  Our cities have grown over 20% since 2010 but Fairhope still has a small town feel.

Tonight is Art Walk.  Hopefully the skies will clear so people can mix and mingle.

Have a great Friday!!!!

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Memorial Day was a Special Day

By: judyniemeyer On May 31, 2017

What a special day, yesterday was.  This wreath was hanging on Memorial Highway which is actually what locals call Main Street.  I had to share with you.  Please take time to stop and read if you are in our area.  It is very special commemorating all the soldiers that have served our country.  Without their dedication, we would not have this country as we love it.  Take a few minutes to say thank you for all the people who have served our country.

Last year I had the privilege of visiting Normandy.  It takes your breath away to see all the tomb stones labeled by city and state.  What these men did for us is incredible.

Have a great week.

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By: judyniemeyer On May 5, 2017

What  a beautiful site.  Today we have experienced heavy rains and incredible winds but this view at the end of the day in Fairhope.  What a beautiful site to share with all.  Enjoy and have a great Friday.

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Good Bye April, Hello May

By: judyniemeyer On April 30, 2017

Bye, bye April and hello May.  WELCOME to our beautiful sunsets.  Our  Fairhope streets are lined with seasonal plants.  Did you know Fairhope has their own nursery.  Flowers are changed regularly which adds beautiful color throughout the city.  Around 5:30 each morning the water truck comes and waters all the flower beds.  For the locals, if they can time the replanting, they can get some of the old plants and replenish their gardens.

Another tip, around the Fairhope Pier is a beautiful rose garden.  In its prime, the city will come a cut roses so that new growth can continue to prosper.   If you can hit the right day you can get a beautiful bouquet.

Go visit the Fairhope Pier which is open 24 hours a day.  At all times of the day, you will see people fishing and enjoying life.  At sunset, you will see plenty of people just sitting on park benches watching life going by.

Next Friday is Art Walk.  Come join the festivities.

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By: judyniemeyer On April 4, 2017

So many times, our schedules get so full that we do not take to time to enjoy our children, grandchildren.  Recently I spent a long week-end in Park City, Utah with four of my eight grandkids and how special it was.  As you know I have a blended family, so being with two of my grown children plus a son in law and four of their children was just special.  We took hikes in the mountains, skied, snow-boarded and just loved being together.  Each night, my bed was full of two of my granddaughters–tight but special.  Each day is so special–take the time and enjoy.

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