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Thank you to all Veterans

By: judyniemeyer On November 11, 2015

Yesterday I was fortunate to tour the shores of Normandy, walk the beach and visit the American cemetery. How heroic our soldiers were and how proud I was to be an American. Over 9,000 Americans are buried in the cemetery. All marked with beautiful white marble crosses.

As we approached our group joined into the Pledge of Allegiance and then followed with taps. It was a very emotional day.

Thank you to all Veterans. Today is your day.IMG_0138

Choosing Paint Colors For Your Mobile Eastern Shore Home Made Easy!

By: judyniemeyer On November 10, 2011

Have you ever chosen a paint color from one of those little paint chips only to get home and discover the newly painted wall in your Mobile Eastern Shore home doesn’t look anything like the paint chip? Frustrating isn’t it? Sherwin Williams has a great tool to eliminate that frustration!

paintThe Sherwin-Williams Color Visualizer is an online color tool that allows you to choose the right colors for your Mobile Eastern Shore home. You can view how your room will look when painted with one of their 1,500 colors. Once you have found your perfect paint colors, you can print the color information and a coupon to bring to your local Sherwin-Williams paint store. You can choose from one of their sample scenes or upload your own photo!

View the Demo.

Launch the Color Visualizer.

Have fun brightening up your ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Mobile Eastern Shore home!

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The Judy Niemeyer Team knows that selling or buying a Mobile Eastern Shore home is a major event in your life. It represents one of the largest single investments you may make in your lifetime. It is, therefore, our Goal to make this experience a seamless one. Whether buying Mobile Eastern Shore real estate or marketing Mobile Eastern Shore homes for sale, we will provide unparalleled professional, quality service and the most productive approach to achieving your goals.

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Do You Have Adequate Flood Insurance For Your Mobile Eastern Shore Real Estate?

By: judyniemeyer On October 14, 2011

Given the number and severity of natural disasters world-wide this year, it is no wonder that owners of Mobile Eastern Shore real estate are becoming increasingly concerned about their insurance coverage for damages caused by these disasters, especially floods. According to FEMA, flooding is the number one natural disaster across the United States, and this spring brings with it the probability of extremely high water and flooding.       

Since your basic homeowner’s insurance policy will not cover damage due to rising water, (i.e. water that collects as a result of an overflow of a body of water or surface water runoff), you would be well advised to research flood insurance policies for your Mobile Eastern Shore real estate. Think you’re safe because you live in a moderate-to-low-risk flood area? Think again. About 25% of all flood insurance claims come from areas with just such a designation!       

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is a federal program that offers flood insurance to homeowners who reside in an NFIP community. It is a good idea to determine your community’s flood risk. There are three types of policies available to owners of Mobile Eastern Shore real estate: the standard dwelling; general property (for businesses and apartments); and residential condominium building association, and each can be purchased through most leading insurance companies (you can call NFIP at 888-379-9531 for a referral) for a relatively low fee paid once a year. Average residential premiums cost about $570 a year, but a low-risk policy can be had for as little as $129 and covers the foundation of your home and the equipment needed for the home’s normal function (i.e. furnace, water heater, and electrical system). You can also purchase additional coverage for furniture, appliances, and personal possessions 

As with other types of insurance, it’s important to know exactly what your policy covers, information about deductibles, rates, payment, and claim procedures. One area not covered is the basement, so finished walls, floors, and personal belongings found there are not claimable. For residential policies the maximum coverage is $250, 000 for the structure and $100, 000 for personal property. For businesses and commercial properties the limits are increased to $500, 000 for both. Rates are set, do not vary from agent to agent, and depend on factors such as your home’s age, type of construction, and location. Like other policies, having a higher deductible lowers the amount of the premium but will reduce your claim payment.  Be advised that unless flood insurance is required by your lender, there will typically be a 30-day waiting period before your policy goes into effect.       

Home Warranty Can Help Sell Your Mobile Eastern Shore Home

By: judyniemeyer On October 6, 2011

4917293_blogIn recent years of ever-increasing fees by service repair companies and continued belt-tightening by home buyers, the provision of home warranty protection plans by sellers has become a rather common–and even expected–incentive. The knowledge that they won’t be hit by unexpected repair bills in the first year after purchasing their Mobile Eastern Shore home is reassuring to buyers, especially first-timers who have no experience in home maintenance.

A home warranty plan is essentially a service contract that covers a major housing system, for example, plumbing or electrical wiring — for a set period of time from the date a house is sold. The warranty guarantees repairs to the covered system and is renewable.

How Much Does a Home Warranty Cost?

They are fairly inexpensive, typically ranging from $250 to $400, depending on coverage. Home warranty companies sometimes run special sales and either discount policy prices or offer additional coverage for the same price. The policies are prepaid for a year in advance, at which time they expire or can be renewed.

How Do They Work?

Although specific plans provide for specific types of coverage, most operate the same way.

  • If a home system or appliance breaks or stops working, the home owner calls the home warranty company.
  • The home warranty company calls a provider with which it has a business arrangement.
  • The specific provider calls the home owner to make an appointment.
  • The provider fixes the problem. If an appliance is malfunctioning and cannot be repaired, depending on contract coverage, the home warranty company will pay to replace and install the appliance.
  • The home owner pays a small trade service fee (less than $100). 

Types of Coverage

Because all plans differ, you will want to ask specifically what is covered. Ask your real estate agent to recommend a proven plan and inquire if upgrades are available for your Mobile Eastern Shore home. Pay close attention to whether the home warranty company will pay for repairs to make certain types of systems or appliances compliant with new regulations and be aware that they won’t pay for pre-existing conditions. Usually covered are heating and cooling systems, water heaters, appliances, electrical systems, inside plumbing stoppages, ductwork, ceiling fans, and garbage disposals.

Advantages Of Offering a Warranty Plan

Tips For Cleaning Up The Clutter In Your Mobile Eastern Shore Real Estate

By: judyniemeyer On September 30, 2011

Why? How? What? Where?

Let’s start with the why? The most common incentive to clear away clutter occurs when you’re selling your Mobile Eastern Shore real estate and want to stage it for prospective buyers. Real estate agents will tell you that clutter-filled, disorganized homes appear smaller, and every website offering tips for a fast sale includes–and stresses- the need to show a clutter-free home. Another strong reason for eliminating clutter is to lower the stress in your life by having everything organizationin its place ((how nice it would be not to spend valuable time and energy looking through clutter for misplaced items!) and returning home to a serene and neatly organized setting. (Polls and studies have shown that physical surroundings do indeed affect one’s level of stress. ) Other mess-removing motivators include selling unused items to bring in extra money, donating still-good items to people who need them, and joining the green movement by recycling unwanted possessions.

How to begin such a daunting task?

All “experts” in the field strongly advise tackling the job in small steps. Begin with one room at a time, play soothing music, and allocate 20 to 30 minutes a day to the job. Bring to each room boxes or bins labeled keep, toss, donate, and recycle. Be ruthless!! If you haven’t used an item in the past year, remove it from your Mobile Eastern Shore real estate. (Hint: also check expiration dates on foodstuffs when you de-clutter the kitchen.) Assess your storage capacity and discard accordingly.

What should you dispose of?

The most obvious clutter creators seem to be mail, clothing, newspapers and magazines, documents, books, and home décor accessories. Think, too, about furniture, baby items, food, toiletries, appliances, bedding, electronics, and hardware. Have you heard about the “80/20 rule”? It is generally believed that you can safely let go of 80% of the papers you’ve kept.

Where should your unneeded/unwanted treasures go?

For many of them, the answer is, of course, the trash. (You can easily arrange for bulk pickup for large items.) Others may be candidates for recycling. Perhaps you can list some of them under the Free tab on Craig list or search nearly 5000 groups who use discarded materials.

Ask around your community for organizations which would welcome used books and toys–libraries, hospitals, nursery schools, churches. Give old magazines to doctors’ offices. Lions Club groups collect old eyeglasses, and many organizations eagerly accept working but unwanted cell phones. There are innumerable websites which suggest new homes for your discards. Try RecycleNow.com or Earth911.com (supplies locations of local charities by zip code). Many organizations such as Goodwill Industries, Salvation Army, and Disabled Veterans, have handy drop-off boxes or centers or will come to your Mobile Eastern Shore real estate location for pickup. (Extra bonus: in addition to the joy of giving to others, you may also receive a tax deduction for your contributions.)

Protect Your Mobile Eastern Shore Real Estate With Homeowners Insurance

By: judyniemeyer On August 19, 2011

Congratulations! After a long search, you have finally found “the” home, your offer has been accepted, and you’ve signed innumerable documents. Now what? Before you begin to actually move, you need to find a homeowners insurance policy that protects your large investment and meets all the needs of your Mobile Eastern Shore real estate. At this point a wise purchaser will make another investment–one of time–to find the right policy in terms of cost, coverage, and service.

Paper houseCOST:

  • The amount of your insurance should cover the cost of replacing or rebuilding your Mobile Eastern Shore real estate holding. That amount is not the same as market value (or even what you paid) since you already own the land. To determine the replacement cost of homes, many insurance companies use software that considers the features of your home and calculates the cost to rebuild. In addition, most policies include coverage for up to 125% of that cost.
  • Personal property. Most policies cover personal property at 50% to 75% of the replacement value of the home. Consider adding separate endorsements (also called riders or floaters) for valuables such as fine art, expensive collections, jewelry, etc. How much extra does each of these “extras” cost?
  • Explore consumer guides and online sites and interview agents for price quotes. The site for state insurance departments will give you typical rates charged by major insurers in your state. Check Ambest.com and Standard and Poors to ascertain financial stability of the companies you’re considering.
  • Don’t consider price alone. Look for quality service and a solid track record. Registered complaint information can be found at NAIC.com.
  • Discounts. Many companies will give you a discount in price if you insure both your car and your Mobile Eastern Shore real estate with them. Ask about other discounts for adding preventative devices such as smoke detectors, deadbolts, security systems, storm shutters, roof reinforcement, modernized plumbing, heating and electrical systems, etc. In addition, because they are at home more often and thus able to quickly detect problems, over 55 retirees often receive discounts.
  • Credit rating. Since insurers are increasingly using credit information to influence the price of policies, the higher your credit rating, the lower the cost.


Hot Tips For Staying Cool And Saving Money In Your Mobile Eastern Shore Home

By: judyniemeyer On August 4, 2011

All owners of Mobile Eastern Shore homes recognize that keeping cool in hot summer months means paying higher utility bills. However, in the face of the ever-rising cost of living, family budgets strained by the spike in utility use, and the awareness of the need for environmental efficiency, the following money and energy saving tips can certainly help you manage both your comfort level and your finances this summer.


  • Keep it off as long as possible.
  • Turn the thermostat up before leaving for work or for a vacation. You can save 1-3% per degree above 72.
  • Invest in an inexpensive programmable thermostat that will begin cooling your Mobile Eastern Shore home before you arrive home after an absence.
  • Use lights only when necessary in order to keep room temperatures cooler. Remember that LED lights use less energy and don’t produce heat.
  • Close blinds, shades, and curtains on the sunny side of your house.
  • Replace AC filters regularly. Saves another 1-2%.


  • Cool hot foods before putting them into the refrigerator.
  • Be aware that a full refrigerator keeps it cooler. Reasons? The solid food retains the cold, and the tightly-packed items keep the cold air from rushing out an open door.
  • Refrain from opening the door too often.
  • Store wet foods in tightly-sealed containers to lessen the strain on the condenser.
  • Clean the condenser coils and check to ensure that the magnetic rubber seals around the door are tight.


  • Save water and energy by doing only a full load.
  • Select a shorter cycle.
  • Let dishes air-dry.


  • Turn your water heater down to 120 degrees.
  • When taking a shower to cool off, using cool rather than hot water will save energy and reduce the effect of humidity.
  • Wash clothes in cooler water and rinse in cold.



Buying and Selling Mobile Eastern Shore Real Estate in Today’s Market

By: judyniemeyer On July 28, 2011

As the real estate market and economic conditions change, so do strategies for buying and selling homes. Listed below are a few recommendations to help both buyers and sellers of Mobile Eastern Shore real estate be successful.


1. Choose a successful, aggressive real estate agent.

You will want someone who is familiar with your neighborhood and will be proactive in selling your Mobile Eastern Shore real estate. Ask in advance about his/her plan for marketing your property and make sure it includes, at the very least, an MLS listing, on-line and newspaper advertising, and regularly scheduled open houses.

2. Remember the importance of curb appeal in attracting would-be buyers.

3. De-personalize and de-clutter your home.

Put away family photos and prized collections. Clear countertops. Potential buyers need to be able to envision themselves, not you, in your home and clearly view the favorable features of the property without being distracted by too much “stuff.”

4. Hire a professional appraiser.

An “expert” third party opinion is quite useful in supporting your asking price.

5. Be realistic about pricing your Mobile Eastern Shore real estate.

Look at recent comps, listen to your realtor’s advice, and be competitive. Don’t let your emotions interfere with price negotiations and understand that a “designer décor” doesn’t make the home worth more.

6. Offer incentives to attract buyers.

Such items might include helping defray closing costs or moving expenses, making repairs, replacing appliances and/or carpeting, etc. You should also consider providing a home warranty program for the first year.

7. Be flexible.

You certainly don’t want to lose a buyer because of a settlement date or a request for a conveyance of furniture, tools, draperies, etc. Keep an open mind in your negotiations and be willing to meet the potential buyer halfway. 



Mobile Eastern Shore Real Estate Podcast – June 2011

By: judyniemeyer On June 16, 2011

podcastJudy Niemeyer of Ashurst and Niemeyer presents:

This month’s edition covers Mobile Eastern Shore real estate market activity and then we’ll explain how buyers can make the most of favorable summer conditions.

Features special guest Terri Murphy of US Learning.

Program length: approximately 7 1/2 minutes

The Judy Niemeyer Team knows that selling or buying a Mobile Eastern Shore home is a major event in your life. It represents one of the largest single investments you may make in your lifetime. It is, therefore, our Goal to make this experience a seamless one. Whether buying Mobile Eastern Shore real estate or marketing Mobile Eastern Shore homes for sale, we will provide unparalleled professional, quality service and the most productive approach to achieving your goals.

You can contact Judy by email or by calling 251-990-0569.

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Safety Checklist For Your Mobile Eastern Shore Home – Part III

By: judyniemeyer On June 3, 2011

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) estimates that over one million senior citizens are treated in emergency rooms for home-related injuries each year. CPSC believes that many of these accidents result from often-overlooked hazards which are easy to detect and correct. Use this checklist to spot possible safety problems which may be present in your Mobile Eastern Shore home and use it periodically to re-check your residence.

 THE LIVING ROOMhouse-key1

        1. Arrange pieces of furniture and electrical cords so that you have unobstructed passageways.

        2. Remove electrical cords from under carpeting and furniture to prevent damage and/or fire hazards.

        3. Use tape, not staples, to attach cords to walls or floors.

        4. Place space heaters away from passageways and all flammable items such as curtains, furniture, and rugs. Carefully follow safety instructions when using the heater.

        5. Make sure that any wood-burning stove has been installed correctly and follow local codes. Allow proper ventilation for the room in which it is used.


        1. Make sure that these areas are well lighted, especially if using power tools.

        2. Check that stair areas have lighting sufficient to allow you to see each step, particularly the edges, when you are using them to go up or down.

        3. Place light switches at both the top and the bottom of the stairs of your Mobile Eastern Shore home.

        4. Check the stability of handrails and the condition of the steps.


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